Let’s start by making one thing clear – you don’t need personal training equipment to train clients.


You can achieve exceptional results using just body weight exercises, paired with cardio training techniques. However, utilising equipment in your training sessions does have several benefits…


  1. Results – depending on the client’s goals and ability, certain equipment may help them get results faster.
  2. Experience – using equipment can raise the perceived quality of training from the client’s point of view, and justify the premium price tag in their mind.
  3. Differentiation – equipment can help set your offering apart from the competition.
  4. Loyalty – unique equipment that the client can’t find elsewhere is another reason for them to keep coming back.
  5. Fun – including different equipment can mix things up and make training sessions even more enjoyable!


In many ways, your personal training equipment is a marketing and loyalty tool, as well as being a training aid. If you’re paying rent to use a gym’s facilities, then they generally have a wide range of personal training equipment.


But if you’re starting out independently, it can be confusing to know which equipment you really need. Sure, you know which kit YOU like training with, but that might not mean it’s the best fit for your clients. So let’s take a look at the essential tools that every PT should have in their kit-bag…


This article was prepared by a certified personal trainer and fitness equipment specialist. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases but this never influences our editorial choices. 


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Personal Training Equipment Essentials

Here’s our recommended kit list for trainers who are just starting out. These five items are endlessly versatile, cost-effective, and portable too. ..


#1 – Mat

Mats make abs and floor work more comfortable, by protecting the spine from the hard ground. They’re also handy for conducting guided meditations, which can be a great thing to offer to stressed-out corporate clients. We recommend going for a textured mat to ensure that it’s not slippy, and choosing one with carry straps. This 5* rated mat is ideal, and even has markings for correct hand placement.


#2 – Resistance Bands

Resistance bands offer a versatile range of training options, and are suitable for both eccentric and concentric muscle movements. Their simplicity makes them ideal for beginners, plus they’re super-easy to transport since they’re so lightweight. We recommend getting several bands in a range of tensions, so you can cater to all levels of fitness and strength.


#3 – Suspension Straps

Suspension straps require greater strength and stability to train with, making them great for progressive training techniques or more advanced clients. The TRX Suspension Kit is highly regarded by trainers around the world and easy to set up anywhere thanks to it’s door anchor.


#4 – Kettle Bells

Kettle bells offer an almost endless variety of training exercises, that can target any muscle in the body. They’re also pretty versatile and can double as medicine balls and dumbbells too. You only really need 2-3 good quality kettle bells, as long as the weights are suitable for your target clients.


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#5 – Skipping Or Jump Rope

Skipping raises the heart rate quickly and torches calories, yet folds up to fit in your kit bag. Skipping ropes provide a really effective cardio workout, plus they’re usually the cheapest training tool on the list too! We like the Zombie Fit jump rope which is popular with CrossFitters and MMA practitioners.


Expanding Your Personal Training Equipment Range

As you learn new training techniques and attend more professional development courses, you can always expand your kit bag as needed. Depending on the clients your target, you may need to acquire specialist equipment (especially if you’re working with athletes or sportspeople). However most movements have a body-weight alternative, so don’t think you have to invest in order to provide effective training.


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Do you have any personal training equipment suggestions? Get In Touch and let us know…