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We create insanely useful content to help personal trainers and fitness instructors around the world. Our authors are certified personal trainers, qualified nutritionists, and fitness equipment experts. So, you can be confident that our articles are thoroughly researched and evidence-based.


Personal Trainer Career StatUnlike other PT websites, we don’t make false promises about 6-figure incomes. We’ve spent over 10 years working in the fitness industry and know exactly what it takes to create a successful PT business.


But we also understand how hard it can be to build a long-term personal trainer career. It’s part of the reason our industry has such a high staff turnover – 90% of PTs quit in their first year!


So, that’s why we started this website – to provide resources that support personal trainers achieve their career goals. But do it in a way that has informational accuracy and integrity at its heart.


No BS. Just equipment and education for fitness professionals.


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Whether you want to pursue a new career in fitness or take your existing PT business to the next level, we can help. Our website is packed with practical tips, tools, and resources, to help you thrive in the fitness industry. Whatever career stage you’re at right now, we’ve listed a few of our favourite resources for you below…


Considering A Personal Trainer Career?

If you’re considering a career in this field, then take a look at our introductory article on how to become a personal trainer. Once you’re ready to look at training courses, check out our comparison of the best personal trainer certifications.


Looking For A Job?

Start your career off on the right track with our PT resumes templates. Once you’ve got an interview, these hiring tips can help you land your dream job.


Want To Get More Clients?

Once you’re ready to start training, it’s time to find some clients. This is where your sales and marketing skills come into play. Learn how to sell personal training or browse our personal trainer marketing ideas to promote your services.


Starting Your Own PT Business?

If you’re starting your own PT business then check out our planning tools and templates. They’ll walk you through the exact steps to setting up a personal training studio, mobile business, or online services.


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