Have you ever wondered about the qualities of a good personal trainer? Maybe you’re thinking about pursuing it as a career and trying to work out if it’d suit your personality. Or perhaps you want to know what potential employers are looking for when they hire PTs.


In this article – we look at the skills and qualities that make someone an awesome personal trainer.


What are the Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer?

Knowing about the qualities of a good personal trainer can help you to decide if the career might be suitable. They can also help you develop professionally or even land your dream job. So, we analysed personal trainer job descriptions from the leading club operators globally to assess the characteristics that they look for.


We reviewed job adverts from Equinox, Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, YMCA, and Fitness First. As it turns out, there are several requirements that health clubs consistently look for in their PTs. Some were obvious, but others were quite surprising… So if you’re considering PT as a career or looking to improve your CV, here are the skills and qualities of a good personal trainer that you need to know…


Top 10 Qualities of a Personal Trainer


#1. Educator – Educating and guiding clients is at the core of a PT’s role. As well as being knowledgeable, you need to be able to communicate that knowledge in a way that’ll resonate with clients. This might be on complex topics like anatomy, training progression, and changing lifestyle habits.

#2. Motivator – Clients want a personal trainer to provide the motivation that they often lack and hold them accountable whilst working towards their fitness goals.

#3. Goal Focused – Health clubs are businesses, so they need PTs who can help them generate additional sales revenue (as well as help people).

#4. Program Designer – Fitness program design, that’s tailored to the client’s specific needs, is what makes training truly personal.

#5. Authentic – Walk the talk by maintaining your own personal health and fitness, so you’re seen as a role model to others.

#6. Knowledgeable – This one’s a no-brainer, but it wouldn’t be a complete list without it! Knowledge in areas like functional exercise, nutrition, and behaviour change is especially valued.

#7. Process Follower – Willingness to completing paperwork (like appointment schedules, workout cards, time sheets etc.) is something that employers especially appreciate. Boring as admin may be, no-one wants to manage someone who needs nagging into doing it.

#8. Customer Service Orientated – Above and beyond a desire to help people reach their health goals, you need to be focused on delivering an exceptional holistic experience for clients.

#9. Passionate – For all things health and wellness related, with interests and hobbies outside of your job that reflect it.

#10. Committed – Personal training has a HUGE staff turnover. So demonstrating that you’re committed for the long term is something that’ll make you more attractive to potential employers.


These were the most common qualities of a good personal trainer that top employers were looking for. So if you’re applying for jobs, then be sure to mention the ones that apply to you in your application and demonstrate them at the interview.


Personal-Trainer-Resume-Template⇒ Check out our free personal trainer resume template.


If you already have a job, ask yourself how you can adopt these characteristics more consistently and become an even better PT. But this isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list of qualities of a good personal trainer – different clients will require different approaches. These are really just a starting point to give you a better idea of the key qualities that are needed.

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