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We’ve broken down our tools by theme to help you find the most helpful stuff more easily. Whether you’re looking for personal training business resources, workout plans, or job templates, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Career tools

Trainer Essentials articles are written by qualified personal trainers with 15+ years of fitness industry experience. We’ve helped thousands of PTs to embark on their careers, level up their coaching, sales, and marketing skills, and grow their own training businesses.

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Sales & Marketing Resources

Let’s start with our sales and marketing resources for personal trainers. They’re designed to help you raise awareness of your business, generate clients leads, and sell more sessions.

We know first-hand how important sales skills are to personal trainers. It’s one of the areas that holds a lot of fitness professionals back from reaching their full potential. But with the right tools, you can learn how to market your business successfully.

Here is a selection of resources to help you promote yourself as a personal trainer and sell more coaching sessions to more clients!

Personal Training Pricing Templates

Personal Training Pricing Templates Tile

Personal Trainer Testimonial Template

Personal Trainer Testimonial Tile

Sales Tools & Resources

Personal Training Sales Script Ebook

‘Overcoming Objections’ Scripts

How To Spot Tyre Kickers Image

‘How To Spot Tyre Kickers’ Quick Guide

WATCH Video – How To Sell PT

Module 1 – Why You Are Cut Out For Selling (Even If You Think You Aren’t)


‘How To Sell Personal Training’ Cheat Sheet

Personal Trainer Career Resources

Getting certified as a personal trainer is just the first step in your fitness career. Once you’ve found the right training provider and completed your studies, you’ll need to land a job.

So we’ve created a selection of career-focused templates to help you along the way. You’ll find it much easier to get invited to a job interview by submitting a strong resume. Which is why we created a done-for-you CV that’s specifically designed for personal trainers.

It’ll help you showcase your qualifications, experience, and unique skills. So you’ll be much more likely to be selected for interview and get your big break in the fitness industry.

Here is a selection of resources to help you build a successful personal training career!


Pro Resume Template

Best Personal Trainer Certification Comparison

Price Comparison

Coaching & Workout Templates

We’re also working hard to create a collection of personal training workout templates and coaching resources. Once they’re available to download, you’ll be able to find them on this page too.

Check back soon to see if these extra resources are ready!