What’s the average personal trainer salary that professionals take home? If you’re thinking of pursuing a PT career, then you might be wondering about the realistic earning potential. For those that are already qualified, you might want to benchmark your current salary against what others are earning.


In this article – we look at PT salary statistics for countries around the world as well as how to boost your income beyond the average.



Personal Trainer Salary Statistics

According to our research, the average PT salary in the US is now $35,000. This is an increase of 10% compared to 2015, however, when inflation is taken into account, it equates to just a 2% increase over 5 years.


Salaries also vary greatly depending on your location, with metropolitan areas commanding higher incomes. The average trainer salary in California is significantly higher than other states, with San Diego PTs earning over $50,000. A typical PT salary in NYC is closer to $42,000 but there are several other cities that beat it…


  • San Diego – $50,341
  • Philadelphia – $43,159
  • Detroit – $42,744
  • Las Vegas – $42,469
  • New York – $42,000
  • Indianapolis – $41,941
  • Jacksonville – $41,924
  • Boston – $41,240
  • Washington DC – $40,000
  • Denver – $39,060
  • Seattle – $37,560
  • Chicago – $35,130
  • Los Angeles – $35,000
  • Houston – $30,480
  • Dallas – $29,080


All of that said, there’s more to a career than money. There are loads of perks and advantages of being a personal trainer, so remember to think beyond the salary.


What’s the Salary of a Personal Trainer in the UK, Canada or Australia?

If you’re based elsewhere in the world, then you can expect to earn the equivalent of $26,000 to $34,000 (USD) …


  • Average personal trainer salary UK – £20,000 (GBP)
  • Personal trainer salary Canada – $40,000 (CAD)
  • Personal trainer salary Australia – $48,000 (AUD)


If these figures are lower than you’d hoped then don’t be disheartened. They are average salaries which means that many people earn significantly more than these.


If you’re keen to maximise your salary potential, then you need to be proactive in your approach. Let’s look at some practical options for increasing how much you earn…


How To Increase Your PT Salary

The good news is that plenty of PTs earn way more than their local average. With some strategic planning and a focused approach, you can increase your salary beyond what’s typical in your area. In simple terms, there are four ways that you can boost your income…


  1. Secure a pay rise from your employer
  2. Get more clients
  3. Raise your prices
  4. Add additional income streams


There are lots of different ways to approach each of these elements. Let’s dive into each one in more detail…


#1 – Secure a Pay Rise

If you work for a gym or health club chain, then you might not feel like you have much control over your salary. They’re generally pre-determined by the head office so you have to accept what you’re offered, right?


  • LA Fitness personal trainer salary – $13 per hour (compared to $9 for fitness instructors)
  • 24-Hour Fitness personal trainer salary – $14 per hour


But in truth, it’s completely feasible to get a pay rise and earn more for doing the same job. The fitness industry as a high turnover of staff so employers are motivated to retain good team members.


It may just be a case of asking in the right way – check out this guide to negotiating a pay rise for step-by-step instructions.


You could also look at taking on more responsibility and getting promoted. PT Directors or Managers earn an average of $45,000, a cool $10k more than standard PTs. However, it does come with more pressure to hit targets and manage the performance of other team members.


If you’re looking to get promoted to a more senior position, then you’ll need training in sales and marketing. People earn significantly more in this role because they’re responsible for generating PT revenue (rather than just training clients).


To be successful, you’ll not only need to know how to sell personal training but also how to strategically price and market it.


⇒ If this is a career path you’re interested in, then check out training courses that’ll help you up-skill in these areas and our guide to job applications and PT interviews.


#2 – Get More Clients

Whether you work for yourself or are employed by a club, getting more clients is going to increase your income. There are two aspects of getting more clients, both of which can have a huge impact on the number of sessions you’re paid for…


  • Generate more leads – this is about marketing your services so that lots of people enquire.
  • Convert more lead into clients – this requires excellent sales skills to persuade leads to sign up with you.


In order to earn a good PT salary, it’s essential to know about sales and marketing. There are plenty of amazing trainers out there, with excellent biomechanical knowledge and training expertise. But if you can’t sell your services, then no-one will get to benefit from them.


So, it’s important to develop your sales skills in order to earn a decent income.


#3 – Raise Your Prices

Another way to increase your PT salary is to raise your prices. Charging an extra $10 per hour will soon improve your income when you multiply it by 20-30 sessions per week.


The highest-earning trainers charge clients over $100 per hour – the equivalent of a whole day’s work at LA or 24-Hour Fitness.


There are several ways to approach raising your prices…


  • As a minimum, you can expect to increase it on a yearly basis in line with inflation.
  • You can also build up your expertise and offer specialist training sessions that are unique, and therefore command higher prices.
  • You can also develop your credibility in a niche area so that you’re perceived as an ‘expert’ in that field. This will allow you to charge more for your services and increase your hourly rate.
  • There are also specific marketing techniques like anchoring that you can use to command higher prices.


If you’re interested in learning more, then this ebook and online course will help…


#4 – Add Additional Income Streams

Ways to Make Money as a Personal TrainerAnother way to boost your income is to add secondary revenue streams to your business model. What else could you sell that compliments your training sessions?



There’s an endless list of secondary revenue opportunities that will give your income an extra boost. Have a think about the questions clients ask you or challenges they face. They tailor solutions to these needs.


Salary FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about personal training salaries…


Can I make good money as a personal trainer?

Yes, you can earn upwards of $35,000 depending how successful you are, but the income is also quite volatile. Your salary will be heavily influenced by the state of the economy because fitness isn’t seen as an ‘essential’ expense (unlike food or fuel). During a recession or if people have less disposable income, PTs are likely to experience a significant drop in income.


How much do beginner personal trainers make?

Beginner personal trainers make between $9 per hour in the US and £10 per hour in the UK. With experience and a strategic approach, this can quickly increase to the industry average and then beyond.


How much do personal trainers make in the UK?

The average personal trainer salary in the UK makes just under £20,000. However, this can vary dramatically depending on your location, experience, and business skills.


How much can you make as an online personal trainer?

Most online personal trainers earn between $10,000 and $100,000. They have a much higher earning potential than traditional in-person trainers because they don’t need to leverage time for money. They can create an online program once and sell it many times over.


Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Then get in touch via email or social media and we’ll do our best to answer it!


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