In this section you’ll find career resources for personal trainers and fitness coaches.

Pick a career path, land your dream job, become a successful PT, and explore long-term progression. Whatever career stage you’re at, we’ve got practical guides and resources to help.

Pick a career path

Looking to explore different fitness career options and learn more about what it’s like to be a trainer? If you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer or fitness coach, then you’ll find these resources useful. They’ll provide all the info you need on the different jobs available, what they’re like, and whether you’d be suited to them…

Land your dream job

If you’re looking to land a job as a personal trainer or fitness coach, then this section will help. It contains practical advice, insider tips, and done-for-you resume templates. Find your dream job, ace the interview, and get hired with these resources…

Become a successful PT

These resources are all about your professional development. Become a really good personal trainer, hone your coaching skills, and develop your fitness expertise. You’ll get better results for your PTs clients and become a more successful trainer as a result…

Long-term progression

Learn about personal trainer career progression options and strategies for achieving your longer-term ambitions. Whether it’s specialising in a niche training area, becoming a master trainer, or getting promoted, you’ll find practical resources to help here (all coming soon)…

  • Career pathways for PTs
  • Progression opportunities for PTs
  • How to get promoted as a personal trainer
  • What’s it like to be a PT manager, gym manager, area or regional gym manager?
  • What’s it like to be head of programming?
  • Specialising in post-natal, older adults, and other niche populations.
  • Becoming a master trainer
  • Alternative careers for PTs

If you have a career question that isn’t answered in these resources, then get in touch to ask us directly! We want this website to be as helpful as possible for our readers so we’d love to hear from you.