Using a personal training sales script is an effective way to maximise revenue. By learning to address objections, you can increase the number of enquiries that result in revenue. There’s no point in prospecting for personal training clients if you struggle to convert them into customers. It’s like filling up a leaky bucket before fixing the holes.


⇒ In this article, we’ll show you how to address the gaps in your sales process by using a script to sell personal training (includes downloadable PDF templates too).


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Why Use a Script When Selling PT?

If you’re wondering how to increase personal training sales, then maximising your close rate should be top of the list. Maybe you’re unsure what to say when people don’t want your services or don’t feel comfortable trying to persuade them. If this is the case, then using a personal training sales script can help. It’ll give you the exact phrases to use, so you know how to close a personal training client with confidence.


Personal Training Sales Script Objections


If you’re unsure how to handle objections during the sales process, then you’re not alone. When you’re closing personal training sales, it’s natural for some prospective clients to have reservations about price, commitment, or lack of time. But many PTs don’t know how to sell personal training in a way that addresses these objections…


  • “I don’t have enough time”
  • “I don’t want to sign up for that long”
  • “It’s a bit too expensive”
  • “I’m too busy to fit that many sessions in”
  • “It’s more money than I can afford”


The key to successful selling is being prepared, so you know what approach to take when faced with objections. These personal trainer sales scripts will give you exact phrases that you can use to overcome objections. They also serve as templates that you can adapt and customise into your own style.


Personal Training Education Icons

It might seem forced or unnatural to follow a personal training sales script but it’s not something you need to repeat word for word. The reason we love using this personal training sales script is that it’s easy to tailor based on your own style. This makes it much more authentic instead of feeling false or robotic.


Personal Training Sales Script Examples

One of the most effective personal training sales techniques is the feel-felt-found method. It allows you to acknowledge their concerns as valid but then explain how other people have addressed them. It’s a powerful method that can be easily incorporated into your usual personal training sales pitch or presentation. When a prospective client raises an objection, here’s how to respond…


“I understand how you feel,

I’ve had other clients who felt the same way in the beginning and were concerned about (insert objection).

What they found was that (insert success story)”


This provides a framework that you can adapt based on the specific objection and success stories from your own clients. Here’s an example of how the personal training sales script could be used with someone who says that they haven’t got time to train…


“I understand how you feel.

I’ve trained with other working mums who felt the same way in the beginning and were concerned about finding time for workouts.

What they found was that because the sessions were pre-scheduled, it pushed them to pre-plan their day and make health a priority. I also tailored the workouts to be just 45mins long, so they could be done during a lunch break. They didn’t think they had enough time to train either, but together we worked out a plan that got them the results they wanted in the little time they had.”


You can also adapt this framework to address objections about price or committing to multi-session packages.


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