Looking for the best spin bikes for your gym or PT studio? Or perhaps you’re after something affordable and stylish for your home? Whatever your cycling needs, there’s an indoor bike to precisely match your needs. But knowing exactly what to look for can sometimes be tricky – is it worth paying more for better quality? What features do you really need? And which brands should you look out for?


⇒ In this article, we review the best spin bikes that are currently available in 2019.


What to Look for In the Best Spin Bikes

HIIT and group training are some of the biggest trends in fitness, so it’s no wonder that indoor cycling classes are so popular. If you’re looking for the best spin bikes for your studio or home, then they tend to share some common characteristics. When shopping online or in-store, these are the qualities that you can look out for. They separate the top indoor cycling bikes from the poor-quality junk so are well-worth checking. Here are some key aspects to consider when you’re looking at different options…


  • Consistently good customer reviews – mainly 4 and 5-star reviews is a sure sign that you’ve found a winner.
  • Easy to maintain – reliable manufacturers design with the long-term in mind and make it easy for you to access or replace parts.
  • Smooth ride – a clunky motion or noisy fly-wheel is an alarm bell that the ergonomics aren’t right.
  • Plastic coated – exposed metal rusts easily so the best spin bikes have plastic covering parts that would otherwise be exposed to sweat.
  • Backed with a guarantee – a good quality bike will come with a minimum of 1 year’s guarantee so you’re protected should anything go wrong.


Now that you know exactly what to look for, here’s an overview of the best spin bikes on the market in 2019…


  • Spinner Ride by Precor
  • Peloton Bike
  • Stages Solo Bike
  • Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Keiser M3i Indoor Bike


Let’s compare each of these indoor cycles in more detail…


Spinner Ride by Precor

If you want an authentic spin bike, then you’ll need to go for a model produced by Precor. They’re the only ones who manufacture genuine ‘Spinning’ patented bikes and are renowned for their quality.


We like the entry-level ‘Ride’ because it looks clean and stylish. The gloss white frame makes it a more attractive bike than most others on this list – it’d blend right into any personal training studio or home gym. Hell, you could stick it in the corner of a dingy garage and it’d still look good.


Best Spin Bikes - Precor


The only downside is that it doesn’t have magnetic resistance – you’ll need to upgrade to a Climb or Chrono model for that. But if you’re happy with a traditional friction system then you’ll save yourself the extra $1000+ (£750) that pricier models cost, so we think it’s the best-value option.


Peloton Bike

When it comes to top-rated spin bikes, Peloton ranks pretty highly. Despite their indoor cycle costing $2245 (£1990), it’s currently rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by over 1400 users. This gives you an idea of just how satisfied people are (no mean feat considering the expectations that come with a super-high price tag).


Peloton’s main selling point is its live cycling classes that are streamed daily, along with 5000 on-demand workouts. People love that they can enjoy the energy of a high-intensity spin class but from the convenience of their own home. For PT studios, this bike will be a huge point of difference and value-add for your pricing.


Peloton Spin Bike


Stages Solo Bike

Stages Solo BikeStages have taken the fitness industry by storm and are a firm favourite with boutique studios around the world. They’re a strong contender for stealing Spinning’s crown when it comes to the best commercial spin bikes for gym-use. However, their ‘Solo’ model is designed for individuals rather than group classes, which makes it perfect for small studios or home use.


Like the Peloton, it features a built-in screen which provides programming and classes. Riders can set goals and track their progress towards them – ideal for boosting motivation. There’s also a gamification element where you can unlock hidden achievements which adds to the fun of the ride.


Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

If money is a driving factor (and isn’t it for most of us?) then the best budget spin bike is the Sunny. At just $240, it’s the most affordable bike option available and is backed by an Amazon guarantee. For people who don’t want to fork out thousands, this model is the ideal solution.


You might think that a bike at this price point will be poor quality and unreliable. But it has an average customer rating of 4.1 stars on Amazon which is exceptional given the 2500+ reviews! It even withstands prolonged gym use (which tends to be longer and more intense than home usage) making them suitable for personal training studios. So, it’s by far the best cheap spin bike in the US but unfortunately not available in the UK.


Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

The Keiser design may look a bit odd but it’s a fantastic indoor bike that accommodates lots of different body shapes. It’s also easy to move around, making it perfect for storing out of sight and then wheeling out whenever you need it. As a commercial-grade bike, you can be confident in the quality and durability of this model.


One thing that stands out is the Keiser’s super-quiet belt drive coupled with magnetic resistance. This delivers a true road-bike experience and ensures a smooth ride for yourself or your clients. But if you don’t need the wireless Bluetooth or fore and aft handlebar adjustment, then the more basic M3 model may be enough.


So, there you have our unbiased reviews of the best spin bikes available in 2019. For a budget-friendly option, the Sunny Pro is a solid bet. But if you’re looking for more features, stylish aesthetics, or commercial-grade quality, then the Spinner, Stages Solo, or Keiser M3i may be more suitable. However, Peloton takes top marks for its extensive class database that you can stream on demand.


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