Looking for a boxing calisthenics workout for yourself or to use with personal training clients? These types of workouts are a great way to help them get in shape and can be done anywhere. So, whether you’re training them in the gym, at the park, or in your own studio, these workouts are ideal.

In this article – guest author and founder of Brawl Bros, Sean Dudayev, outlines an awesome boxing calisthenics workout inspired by training for the ring.

It’s no secret that boxers are some of the fittest and most shredded people on the planet. Not only does their job require them to be, but it can also be a matter of getting seriously injured, or worse.

A fighter has to be in the best shape not only to win but to be able to avoid punishment during a fight. A tired fighter is a sitting target, and a weak body is easily damaged.

Boxing Calisthenics Workout Routine Hero

Because of that, boxers have to train in a way that will allow them to be strong, fast, and have an insane amount of endurance, all at the same time. And because a person has only so much time and energy in a day, their strength training routine has to follow suit.

So, let’s dive into a 25 minute calisthenics workout inspired by boxing that will help you burn fat, build muscle, and be the fittest you’ve ever been in every aspect.

The Boxing Calisthenics Workout

This workout is going to be mostly structured around calisthenics, using the EMOM method.

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. What you will be doing is setting the stopwatch to go and as soon as it takes off, you will get down and do your first set.

You hit your reps for as long as you can, let’s say you stop at 40 seconds in, this means you will have 20 seconds of break and you will have to go back down on the 1 minute mark. And you still continue to do this every minute on the minute.

Everytime the clock strikes the minute mark, you do your next set. You will do the entire workout in this fashion!

Now that we got that out the way, let’s dive into the workout:

  • 5 Sets of Pushups EMOM
  • 5 Sets of Pull-ups EMOM
  • 5 Sets of Dips EMOM
  • 5 Sets of Squats EMOM
  • 5 Sets of Leg Raises EMOM

This entire workout should only take you 25 minutes because you will be jumping from one exercise into the next with only the remainder of the minute as your break.

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Why Do Fighters Train This Way?

The reason fighters do a high-rep calisthenics workout is because it’s a strength training workout that has more benefits than just strength.


For one, this workout is also one that trains your endurance because of the high reps and short rests involved. It will very much get your heart rate up and force your lungs to do a lot of the work. This is important because fighters need to be more than strong, but also need to be strong, and fast, for a long period of time.

Lean Muscle Mass

Outside of strength, fighters also need to be fast. This form of strength training allows them to put on muscle and strength without putting on too much bulk. Traditional weight lifting can make you bulky and stiff which will eliminate the agility needed to be a fighter.

Works Muscular Endurance

It isn’t only your lungs and your heart that need to be able to go the distance, but your muscles as well. The high-rep workout will allow fighters to build muscular endurance on top of cardiovascular endurance.


Every training method comes with an opportunity cost. This form of strength training is popular amongst fighters because it hits all these different aspects of training rather than just one. It helps improve multiple attributes.

Fighters Who Have Trained Like This

The fighter who made this training method most popular is Mike Tyson. His workout consisted of doing a total of:

  • 500 pushups
  • 500 dips
  • 400-1000 squats
  • 1000-2000 situps
  • 30 minutes of neck bridges

This was done in 3 different circuits throughout the day on TOP of his boxing training.

Another fighter who trained like this is Manny Pacqiou. He focused purely on calisthenics and plyometrics for his strength training, and despite not lifting any weights, was able to bench press over 300 pounds for reps when tested.

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What This Calisthenics Workout Will Do for You

Just because you’re not a fighter, doesn’t mean it isn’t important for you to reap those same benefits. While your goals may be different, the benefits of the training don’t change, here is what you can expect.

Build Muscle

While this may seem like a high rep training focused on increased heart rate, it will end up feeling like a weight lifting workout towards the end. This is because you’re not allowing your muscles to rest much between sets, and the reps will gradually decrease.

Remember your muscles don’t count reps, they only consider the strain that you put on them. You will build muscle doing this workout.

Burn Fat

Like any workout this should be accompanied by good eating habits, and if you can do that, you can burn fat due to the high paced nature of this workout. I personally did this workout during my cut and lost 30 pounds in 3 months

Get More Fit

Outside of the aesthetic benefits, you will improve your level of fitness drastically. You will be stronger, have more stamina, and have a more balanced strength level across all parts of your body.

Try it for 30 Days

Before you knock it, try it for 30 days. It may seem challenging but you get to pick how many reps you do per set. Try it out and you may surprise yourself with how much you can do and how good this workout will make you feel. You can do this training every day, but I always recommend listening to your body and take a day off here and there as needed.

Sean Dudayev is the founder of Brawl Bros and has over 20 years of experience as a practitioner and student of boxing. His goal is to bring awareness of martial arts training to the average person so that they can reap the benefits of having the strong body and mind that you attain with the practice of martial arts. Let’s make combat sports the new fitness craze!