Personal training courses can sometimes be expensive. But did you know that Udemy offers online courses for PTs that start from $25?


We love the convenience of online training courses… They allow you to learn on your own schedule, in bite-sized chunks, and from your own laptop, tablet, or mobile.


In this article – we’ve curated the top Udemy courses for personal trainers to aid professional development, client results, and career progress.


Udemy might not be the first course provider you think of when it comes to personal training, but its courses are very well-regarded by students.


Of course they don’t provide the depth and detail that personal trainer certification courses do. And they don’t equip you with all the info necessary to train clients professionally. But they’re great for learning more about specific aspects of PT, and developing key skills that’ll contribute to your success.


Here are our favourite personal trainer training courses that are available on Udemy. They cover loads of different topics, from starting out to sales, and online business to working with older adults…


How To Become A Personal Trainer

This is a great course for anyone thinking about becoming a personal trainer. It features an interview with a successful personal trainer which will help you decide whether the career is right for you.


It then outlines the steps you should take to get your first clients and job at a gym. Then finally it lists 25 strategies to get clients, that’ll help you start and grow your own personal training business.


⇒ This course contains 1 hour of video divided into 14 lectures – learn more about it here.


How To Sell Personal Training

This course was initially launched on Udemy but is now available to purchase directly from the instructor. It teaches you how to find profitable, long-term clients (minus the old-school, sleazy sales tactics).


Many PTs struggle to get enough clients to earn a decent wage, and quickly become disillusioned with their dream career. So if you’re daunted by selling or just unsure how to approach it, then this course can you develop the right mindset and sales process.


It breaks down selling into simple, actionable steps, and covers identifying your ideal client, profitable pricing strategies, establishing a client base. It also includes a module dedicated to closing sales and addressing objections, which is something many PTs find tricky.


⇒ This course contains 2 hours of content, including 30+ bite-sized videos and practical activities – learn more here.


Working With Seniors In Health & Fitness-Related Fields

This course is ideal for anyone interested in working with older adults or the ‘active aging’ population. It counts as one hour of Continuing Education Credit (CEC) too – all you need to do is submit the completion certificate on the instructor’s website.


The course covers both the psychological and physical aspects related to seniors. It also addresses the unique challenges sometimes encountered with this population, and suggests how to overcome them too.


⇒ This course includes 1 hour of video content divided into 16 lectures – learn more about it here.


Use Your Health & Fitness Expertise to Earn A Living Online

This course is for fitness professionals who want to establish an online training business. If you’re looking to create a passive income stream (and wouldn’t want one?!) then this course will walk you through it.


You’ll cover the basic planning, setup, and customer acquisition, taught by an instructor who’s actually done it for themselves.


⇒ This course is 3 hours long and contains 26 lectures – learn more here.


Start A Personal Trainer Business

This course will help you to start your own personal trainer business. It teaches you how to prepare the planning and documentation necessary to become self-employed.


You’ll create a PT business plan and financial model to plan the revenue aspects. You’ll also create evaluation and programming documents, to assist with assessing and training clients.


⇒ This is a 90min course featuring 30mins of video plus additional activities to work through – learn more about it here.


Personal Trainer 3.0: Become an Elite PT

Personal trainer 3.0 shares what some of the most successful personal trainers are doing right now. It’s designed to help you take your training to the next level, and become an elite trainer.


The course takes an inspirational approach that invites you to understand your earning potential and the value of your knowledge. It also helps you identify which types of clients to focus on (as does the How To Sell PT course).


⇒ This is a 30min course featuring 6 video lectures – learn more about it here.


Udemy Courses for Personal Trainers – Summary

So there’s our roundup of cheap personal trainer courses that are available on Udemy. The platform offers varied training topics and great value courses, which you can study at your own convenience. Whether you’re just starting out, already certified, or looking to specialise, there’s a course to suit your needs.


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