Ever wondered what a day in the life of a personal trainer is like? Behind the gym selfies and celebrity trainer facade lies the day-to-day reality of the job. From the early starts to the final cooldown stretch, every day is a whirlwind of client sessions, workout programming, and learning.

In this article – we reveal what a day in the life of a personal trainer is really like.

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I’ve been a personal trainer since 2006 working in gyms and as a freelance professional. While no two days are exactly the same, there is a rhythm to the routine that develops over time. Here’s how a typical day unfolds based on my 15+ years working as a PT…

Rise & Shine

Personal trainers begin their days early. Before stepping into the role of motivator and coach for others, we make time for our workout routine and wellbeing.

I start my day with a morning smoothie as I can’t handle a full breakfast at 5am. I’ll usually blend fresh and frozen fruit with protein powder and leafy greens.

This sets me up for my early morning workout – usually an outdoor run or some yoga. I save my strength training for later in the day when I’m at the gym.

Client Sessions

I head to the gym for my first client sessions which begin at 6am. For the next three hours I coach my personal training clients through their workouts.

Each session is slightly different as everyone has different goals, exercise preferences, and adjustment needs. I might be encouraging them to stretch their limits, coaching them on the correct form for a particular movement, and analysing their latest fitness results.

Group Classes

After back-to-back client sessions, I’ll have a quick coffee break. Then it’s time to switch gears and lead a couple of group training classes.

I usually stick to small group PT sessions and circuits as these are the training formats I enjoy most. But some of my PT colleagues lead spinning classes, aerobics, and Pilates sessions depending on their expertise.

Leading high-energy group fitness classes is fun because it fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. It’s one of the many hats a personal trainer wears throughout the day!

Lunch Then Admin Tasks

After the hustle and bustle of the morning, I’ll have some lunch and catch up with colleagues. I like to take a proper lunch break so that I can switch off for a bit and have a little down time.

Early afternoon is typically a quieter time for me since very few clients like to workout straight after lunch. I use this time to work on the administrative side of my PT business – primarily client communication, workout programming, and lead generation.

This is the time of day when I check in with clients to see how they’re doing. Accountability is a really important component of what I offer, so even if I’m not training them that day I’ll see how aspects of their exercise routine or nutrition is going.

I’ll also plan upcoming client sessions, brainstorm exercise combinations that’ll help them achieve their goals, and put it together into a cohesive workout programme.

This is also when I work on generating client leads. I’ll follow up on any enquiries I’ve received via my website or social media channels. I also run online adverts and send regular email newsletters, so might check the stats to see how they’re performing and whether I need to make any tweaks.

Mid-Afternoon Workout & More Client Sessions

I sometimes have more client training sessions later in the afternoon. If I’m not fully booked, then I’ll use this time to do a strength workout or some mobility exercises. One of the advantages of being a personal trainer is the flexibility to adjust my own schedule.

From 5pm, one-to-one client training sessions really ramp up. People like to train after they’ve finished work so it’s a busy time of day. I’ll usually finish my last session at 8pm or 9pm, then head home or out to meet friends.

Wrapping Up The Day

On my commute home I’ll make some time for learning and professional development. I’ll read or watch videos about the latest fitness trends, techniques, and research. Some days I’ll watch an online webinar or training course in my admin time, but I enjoy unwinding with a book on the way home.

As the day draws to a close, I’ll check my calendar for the next day and make sure I’m fully prepped for everything. This includes batching some meals and snacks so that I’ve always got healthy options to hand. It’s something I also teach my clients that helps them to eat well when they’re busy.

I hope this gives you an idea of what a typical day in the life of a personal trainer is like. The great thing about being a PT is that you’ll have some freedom to decide how you spend your time. While you’ll need to work around client availability, the rest of it is up to you!

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