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Personal training sales is an important but time-consuming part of the job. Most of us are crazy-busy trying to balance all the aspects of a PT business – preparing programs, training clients, and developing our own coaching skills. So there’s nothing more frustrating than spending an hour with a potential new client, only to find out that they aren’t seriously interested.


However when it comes to personal training sales, there are a few tell-tale warning signs that can help you spot people who aren’t serious. Certain characteristics can help you identify tyre kickers early, so you can focus your time on people who really are keen on your services. Here are a few signals to watch out for…


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#1. They won’t give you their details

Name and phone number are essential, but other signs like not wanting to tell you what time they’d prefer to train, or when they’re looking to start, both indicate that they don’t have serious buying intentions.


#2. They skip straight to the money

People who are genuinely interested in becoming healthier will want to take about their problems and how you can solve them. They’ll want to share their story with you, and want you to envision them about the life they could have in the future. Of course the cost will be in the back of their mind, but it won’t be the single most important thing.


#3. They ask the same questions repeatedly

Asking the same question three or four times, indicates that they’re either not listening (and therefore not really interested) or they’re trying to find faults so that they can walk away or beat you down on price.


#4. They don’t show up for the initial consultation

In this case, think hard about whether you should call them back to reschedule.  Sometimes the unexpected happens, but if they didn’t even give you a courtesy call then who knows how many times they’ll simply not turn up for scheduled training sessions.


#5. They offer silly money

As in, WAY below what you would normally charge. Of course everyone wants the best deal possible, but people who are serious, are also reasonable. Most people will ask for a discount or something extra thrown in, but they won’t ask for 50% off.  These guys just aren’t serious enough to warrant your time.


If you spot any of these warning signs, and decide not to pursue them as a client, then be sure to disengage politely. They may not be seriously interested themselves, but might know someone who is in the future, so you don’t want to burn your bridges.


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