Finding the cheapest personal training certification for your budget isn’t as difficult as you may think. The rise of online courses has taken much of the cost out of delivering training so you can now become qualified for less than $600. But this isn’t a small amount of cash so it’s important to take advantage of any money-saving opportunities that you can.


In this article – we share the most affordable personal training certifications available, plus practical tips on how to save even more money on them.


This article was prepared by a certified personal trainer. We may earn a commission if you click some of the course links but this never influences our editorial choices. 


Cheap Personal Training Courses

Becoming a qualified PT is a big decision but funding isn’t something that should hold people back. Once you’ve weighed up your career choices and decided to invest, the next step is to find the best value course. So, where can you find the most affordable PT courses?


The cheapest personal training certification is offered by ACE and currently priced at $424. This includes the cost of the exam and study materials.


If you already know your stuff and just want to take the certification exam, then ACSM offers a $349 option ($50 less than ACE’s standalone exam entry). However, they require more CPD hours per year so you may end up spending more over the long term.


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7 Tips for Saving Money On Your PT Certification

Once you’ve identified the cheapest personal training certification available, it’s time to see if you can save additional money on it. Even cheap PT courses are no small investment so here are a few tips to help you get the best possible price…


#1 – Sign up to training provider mailing lists

Training providers will often advertise pricing promotions to their email list so it pays to sign up. That way you’ll be first to hear about any special offers.


Some even offer a small discount for subscribing so it’s worth it just for this. For example, ISSA give newsletter subscribers $50 off when they sign up. Following them on social media can also give you access to exclusive offers too.


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#2 – Get your timing right

Companies are usually more willing to haggle on price towards the end of the month or fiscal year.  They’ve got targets to hit, which are usually based on the number of sales they make rather than profit margin. This can mean that bigger discounts are up for grabs around these times.


#3 – Research discounts, funding, and payment plans

Check training provider websites for small print about any discounts or funding options available. Many offer significant discounts to military personnel or members of fitness associations.


ACE, NASM, and Future Fit all offer payment plans or 0% interest-free credit options. Scholarship funding is even available in some cases so it’s well worth doing some digging to find the absolute cheapest personal training certification.


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#4 – Make a price comparison chart

Making a price comparison chart is a simple way to get yourself the best deal. It’ll show you exactly what you’re getting for your money and ensure you don’t get caught out by unexpected hidden costs.


It can also help you to negotiate with training organisations and play them off against each other. Some will price-match competitor prices when pushed or offer additional perks.


#5. Take advantage of cashback

Whether you decide to purchase online or by phone, you can get cashback and save some money.


Many credit card companies such as American Express and Capital One, offer cashback on new purchases.  They aren’t big amounts, usually between 1-3% of the purchase price. But if you’re paying upwards of $600 for a cheap PT course then this can add up to a decent amount.


#6. Haggle the price down

With the right approach to buying, you can make significant savings or get extra stuff thrown in. Call your preferred company and explain to them that you’re interested in booking today but have a fixed budget. Then keep quiet and see what they offer…


If they don’t compromise on the price, then walk away and look at other options. You don’t need to commit immediately and can always wait it out for a promotional offer to come along.


#7. Get them to throw something in for free

Sometimes you won’t be able to get any further discount on a cheap personal training course. If the customer service assistant says that they’re not allowed to drop the price, then ask them to throw something else in on top.


Whether it’s a specialised course bolt-on, textbooks, or webinars, you may be able to get extra value for the same ticket price. Just be sure that you’re not accidentally charged for add-ons.


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Choosing the Cheapest Personal Training Certification

Finding cheap personal training courses can help you save money as you embark on a new career. By choosing an ACE certification or ACSM stand-alone exam, you’ll be able to become qualified for minimal outlay.


Following the other tips can also help you save even more on your chosen training course. So, implementing a few savvy tactics can leave more money in your pocket for fun fitness activities…

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