Are you interested in writing a fitness guest post for our personal training website? We welcome contributions from writers, fitness bloggers, and PTs. Our audience is made up of personal trainers and fitness professionals so they’re pretty knowledgeable about health and wellness topics. But if you have a blog post idea that you think our readers will love, then we want to hear from you…


Writing a health and fitness guest post on Trainer Essentials is a great way to share your ideas and promote your business with a specialist audience. You’ll get do-follow backlinks which help to boost your blog or website’s SEO. Plus, we have links to fitness marketing agencies so successful guest posts may lead to paid work eventually.


We’re one of the only fitness blogs that accept guest posts aimed specifically at personal trainersOur team will work with you to ensure your article has a clear message and educates our readers.


We partner with fitness writers, bloggers, and trainers from every part of the world. So, even if your first language isn’t English, don’t let that stop you submitting. We’re trying to create a truly global resource and want to actively encourage contributions from everyone!


Writing For Our Audience

Our site is focused on equipment and education for personal trainers and fitness instructors. The blog covers…


  • Education & Training – the best personal training courses, certifications, and workshops from around the world. Plus tips on training techniques to maximise client results. 
  • Fitness Equipment – reviews of the leading gym products and accessories, as well as sneak peeks at the hottest new equipment launches.
  • Business Skills – sales, marketing, and finance articles that help personal trainers to run their businesses successfully.


We welcome personal training guest post contributions that relate to these areas. But if you have an idea that doesn’t fit nicely into any of these categories then get in touch first. We can advise you on whether it’ll be a good fit or how to make it more aligned with our audience interests.


Guidelines on Guest Posting

Before you write a guest post on fitness or personal training, there are some practical elements to consider…


  • Write on your specialist subject – when it comes to health and fitness, our personal trainer audience is more knowledgeable than an average consumer. So, write about something you know well (either through formal training or personal experience).
  • Follow our no BS approach – we don’t make false promises about 6-figure incomes so it’s worth reading our about page to fully understand our values.
  • Create something original – please don’t submit a personal trainer guest post that’s already been published elsewhere. It needs to be unique and original content. If you’re planning to repost it to your site afterward, then you’ll need to wait 12 weeks before doing so and include a link back to the original.
  • Start strong – if your introduction is weak then people won’t bother to read the rest. Your first sentence should give readers a reason to stick with it. What will they learn? Which problems can it solve? Why is it valuable?
  • Cite your evidence – the health and fitness industry can be a bit spammy but we won’t accept anything of the sort. If you make health claims in your post, then please link to quality evidence that supports it. This can be academic journal articles, peer-reviewed research studies, or authoritative news and media sites. Add any links in brackets: []
  • Make it easy to read – your guest post should be between 700-1200 words long with H2/H3 sub-headers, numbered lists, and bullet points (no long paragraphs).


Submit Your Fitness Guest Post

Once you’ve written your personal trainer guest post, email it over to us at


  1. Subject line – put ‘guest post’ at the start of the subject line
  2. Email body – paste the article title and full text in the body of the email.
  3. Your bio – add your own bio (max 100 words) with details of your certifications and experience, plus links to your website or blog, and 2-3 social media pages.


By submitting your fitness blog guest post to Trainer Essentials you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing that our team believes necessary.


If your submission is successful then we’ll reply within 2 weeks. We do read all submissions but unfortunately aren’t resourced to respond to every single one. If you haven’t heard anything after 2 weeks then feel free to send us something else!


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