Designing your personal trainer logo is a key step in starting your business. The right logo will communicate attract your ideal clients and boost your credibility. It’s a vital element of your business branding but how do you go about creating one?


In this article – we share 50 personal trainer logo ideas that you can download or use as inspiration for your own designs.


Designing Your Logo

When it comes to designing a fitness trainer logo, there are several options available…


  1. Design your own
  2. Hire a design professional
  3. Use a template


Creating your own means you can essentially get your personal trainer logo design for free. It’s the cheapest option of the three but does require some design skills.


This approach can sometimes look good but may also backfire if the design looks homemade. Poorly designed logos undermine your credibility and can make potential clients question your professionalism. However, using a personal training logo maker like the one from Wix is a good way of ensuring that your DIY design looks legit.


Hiring a designer is the best way to ensure a professional logo design. You can find excellent graphic designers via Upwork or other online platforms who’ll create something stylish for less than $100. Of course, every penny counts when you’re getting started so it may not be a viable option.


A good middle ground is to use personal training logo templates. These are pre-designed so all you need to do is edit them with your business name and colours. You can usually download templates for $10-$20 which makes them a lot cheaper than hiring a professional. Here are some ideas to get started…


Personal Training Logo Templates

Looking at templates is a great way to generate personal training logo ideas and inspiration. If you like the design you can purchase it via the links. Or you can mix and match different elements to create your own unique one.


Here are 50 of our favourite logo designs to inspire your own branding…


Blue Personal Trainer Logo Designs


Fitness Trainer Logos


Personal Trainer Logo Ideas


Personal Fitness Trainer Logos


Fitness Coaching Logos

Whether you’re looking for a PT or fitness coach logo, these designs will inspire your branding ideas. You might like to include the different styles, fonts, or colours in your own business.


Using a template or personal trainer logo maker are the most cost-effective ways to get a professional design. If you have a design that you’d like to share then feel free to get in touch!


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